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Are you ready to build a successful career 
aligned with your passion and purpose?

Taking Notes

You are at the right place, because I'm on a mission to help you:

  • get clarity of your ideal career

  • get paid for the value you create

  • build a strong personal brand

If you are seeking to:

Use your full potential and talents in your profession

Build a career that aligns with your passions and values


Make a bigger impact through the work you do and value you create

Be paid for the gifts you have and not just the hours you put int the work

Do the work that brings you joy and fulfillment and just stay in the job that pays the bills

Discover your unique zone of genius and easily articulate your unique value and personal brand 

If this is you, then it is time to become
the Alchemist of your Career!

Stop searching for the answers outside of yourself.

All the answers you need are WITHIN yourself.

In your Human Design map.

Hi, I'm Tijana and I help corporate professionals turn their experience into a high value service based business, using the power of their Human Design.

Your Human Design is your roadmap to career success!


While still working in my corporate career I was hosting professional development workshops, studied psychology of visual branding, mentoring young professionals, and developing side business ideas through startup pitches. Years into personal development and putting pieces of my ideal career together, I still felt there was something missing to connect all the dots and have clarity of my true North Star.

For years I was on a quest to discover what is it that I should do, until I found Human Design and discovered who I was born to be. 

I finally found a system that gave me the language to translate my natural zone of genius into my business model. Since then, I have worked with over 100 professionals helping them design their ideal career & business using the power of Human Design, and they have all said this one thing: "I wish I knew this information sooner!"


This is why created a unique 6 step process that helped my clients achieve faster breakthroughs and gain clarity on how to transform their corporate experience into a fulfilling and lucrative career or business.

D.E.S.I.G.N. is a unique program tailored to your individual Human Design to help you achieve fast breakthroughs so you can:

efine your direction - Get clarity on your potential and how to leverage transferable skills

avigate the change - Successfully adjust to your new role and confidently navigate change


arn your worth - Monetize your gifts while doing the work you love

erve with impact - Do the meaningful work that you are passionate about

ntroduce your uniqueness - Stand out from other candidates, find your unique zone of genius

row your brand - Build your personal brand for long-term success

Marija Trajkovic.jpeg

Having Tijana as a career coach came at the right moment - just when I needed someone to hold space, hold the mirror, and offer a unique perspective from her own experience and path, and by using the HD principles.The feedback Tijana gave for every question that I had was invaluable and gave me some homework between the two sessions. With this food for thought, I could see a new perspective opening up, and a new option appearing in my brain that was finding its landing spot before the next meeting. During our discovery call, I saw only a glimpse of her energy that was ten-folded while working together. The amount of support you can get on the way is tremendous while working with this powerful woman!

Marija Trajkovic
Project Manager

Ready to create Career ALIGNMENT?








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