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To do the work
you were born to DO
you have to become


you were born to BE


If you are here, I know you are not looking for another one-size-fits-all solution to leading

your career or business. 


Your story, your purpose, your idea, your mission are unique. Just like you.


You were born 1 in 8 billion with your unique blueprint to fulfilling your purpose.

And you are about to find yours.


Purpose Driven Professional

Looking for a career aligned with your innate potential

Mission Driven Entrepreneur

Searching for your unique blueprint to building business with ease

Visionary Leader

Wanting to grow your vision with a unicorn team

The most extraordinary
people in the world today
don't have a career.

They have a mission.

- Vishen Lakhiani -

Image by Thought Catalog

If this is you, I know your career is much more than the work you do. ​

It is your vehicle for creating a bigger impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

The roadmap on your journey to doing the work you were born to do is your unique


Leader Blueprint

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Download Your FREE Report

Discover your unique blueprint to becoming

the LEADER your were BORN to BE

How I Can Support YOU in Building Your Mission


1:1 Assessment of your Career, Business & Leadership potential

TEAM Design

Analysis of the hidden potential of your current team and creating unicorn teams

1:1 Coaching

Tailor made coaching process for creating career, business & leadership alignment

Hi !

I'm Tijana

Executive Coach | Human Design Strategist | Entrepreneur

I help professionals and entrepreneurs get clarity on their next venture and build their pathway to success, freedom and impact. Coaching with Human Design enables me to tailor my approach to each individual client. I've seen too many times how "one-size-fits-all" models leave people disappointed, frustrated, without results and even worse losing their precious time. This is why my work is focused on personalized approach which helps my clients achieve faster breakthroughs and lasting change. 

During my corporate career I was a facilitator for professional and career development programs which awakened my passion and personal mission to help others achieve their potential by creating authentic and fulfilling careers. As a team leader I was always looking for ways to recognize individual member talents and find a way to create a team synergy.


When I discovered Human Design it was a big “aha” moment as I finally discovered a system that recognizes individual’s natural talents and strengths and allows us to translate our innate work style into a practical roadmap for achieving career success.


What My Clients Say

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 12.42.55 AM.png

Tijana has an amazing ability to peel beyond the layers of who you are using Human Design tools. Her years of experience coaching and working in a multitude of environments are made evident in her sessions with you. While working with her, I was able to give language to a specific mental block that was preventing me from visualizing myself in a successful manner. She not only helped with removing this block, she was also able to provide effective actionable steps that I still use today. I highly encourage anyone looking to align their purpose with their work to engage with Tijana. You won't regret it.

Tayo Rockson
Author of Use Your Difference To Make A Difference and Global DEI Practitioner

Through helping over 100 individuals implement their Human Design in their career, business and team,
I have realized this was the best kept secret for years.
Until now…

Get your FREE "Leader Blueprint" report and get ready to unlock your greatest potential

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