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Coaching Process

Whether you are seeking to grow in your career or through your own business,  through the coaching process we are working on each individual's potential to create alignment between yours and your company's values, goals, vision and growth strategy.

Coaching is an investment in yourself, your team or your employees that gives faster results and return on investment creating alignment in individual's career and company's business goals.


To explain the value of business coaching I like to paraphrase executive's concern when considering the coaching investment asking "What happens if we invest in our people and they leave?" A bigger concern would be "What happens if you don't and they stay?" 

Coaching with
Human Design

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Leadership in New Age

With the world changing at a rate faster than ever before, it is no longer enough to be reactive to the effect of the "new normal". Companies and leaders need to adjust to the expectations of the job and business market by creating a new model of operating in uncertain times.


This is achieved through creating external and internal environment in which the key to a long term sustainable survival is alignment. External alignment is reflected through matching the company's values, business goals and vision to individual's values, career goals and vision. Without this match, there is no sense of belonging, working for the same purpose and ultimately no progress for both individual and the organization.

The other type of alignment needed is the internal one, between the individual, its inner authentic identity and all the roles one carries. Career as an integrative part of ones life, should support all its roles and provide a space for ones growth in a holistic way. On the other hand, the alignment for an individual doesn't just refer to its external world, but also the internal one, its true and authentic identity. Being in alignment with oneself means to be able to listen and hear your own voice and lean into your own intuition. This is a crucial skill for leaders who are visionaries, because trailblazing the path for innovations means doing what no one has ever done, but to be able to do it, one needs to have the ability to silence critics' voices and listen to its own.  


Past years showed us that people with big vision, creativity and innovations are the ones who can disrupt the old ways of doing things and lean into their intuition of creating new ways. The world is already heading towards a new paradigm of business. The only question that remains is: Will you be ready for it?

In a new business paradigm, employees are seeking to feel connected with the purpose of the work they're doing, entrepreneurs are innovating businesses to improve the lives of others and businesses are moving towards co-creating the new ecosystem with the consumers. We have already stepped into the 5th industry revolution that seeks innovation, purpose and inclusivity driven by the theme of personalization. 

In my work as a licensed executive coach I use Human Design as a tool for deeper understanding of your potential. After a detailed personalized Human Design Analysis, I can continue supporting you in your transformation process through monthly coaching sessions. Human Design Session provides you awareness and new perspective, but in order to achieve a lasting transformation towards your career or business goals, having a coach by your side helps you create your most aligned path, in a shorter time, without taking the wrong turns.


Coaching with Human Design can help: 


Who are standing on career crossroads and seeking clarity for their next career move. Those looking to create a career from the sense of purpose and impact without doing a job that just ''pays the bills''.


Seeking clarity how to create a business aligned with their purpose and define their niche and communication strategy in their own unique way, without following a generic ''one size fits all'' models.

Business owners

Looking for a new way to design a functioning team respecting each individual's uniqueness and creating inclusive work environment that supports company's vision.

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