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Unlock Your Career and Business Potential Through a Customized

Human Design Assessment

If you are ready to receive the most profound analysis of your career & business potential, look no further!

Your Human Design is your unique roadmap to building a career or business with purpose and prosperity.

In this unique assessment, you will discover:

  • Your unique work style and what you need in order to build a thriving career or business

  • What are the most common challenges and pitfalls that are preventing your success

  • What is your decision-making style and how to avoid making wrong choices

  • What is the best direction for building a lucrative career or business

  • What is the best way to build your path and your most suitable role

  • What is the most supportive environment in which you can thrive

  • What routines you need to properly nourish your body and mind 

  • How can you create the most impact on others through your work

  • How to best communicate your ideas and value with others

  • Your innate talents and unique profitable zone of genius 

  • How to create a career path aligned with your purpose 

I was so fortunate to have stumbled across Tijana. She comes well equipped with deep knowledge and perspective from two very interesting angles; an understanding of career development blended with the profound insight of using Human Design to highlight your unique design potential, which makes for a highly transformative experience if you are open, willing, and ready to meet your true potential.

- Samantha, Retail and Production Manager -

What is included in this service?

Customized ANALYSIS of your career, business, leadership potential based on your Human Design including a written 30-page report.

2 hour SESSION with a detailed breakdown of your analysis and practical application in your career or business. In this breakthrough session we can also focus on specific areas and immediate action steps needed to achieve desired change.

Video RECORDING of the session so you can come back to it anytime for deeper understanding and further insights.

1 hour follow-up session within 30 days of the session for any additional questions and defining the next steps for your development.


Human Design is the most validating tool I've used in building my career and working with Tijana helps you take that first big step into understanding where to even get started with HD and where to focus your attention.

What I loved about this session was knowing where to prioritize my focus. It's easy to get a PDF online and I even have the paid BodyGraph, but having someone pull out areas of importance was so valuable. HD is something you can continue to learn about for the rest of your life, so having a game plan to get started is so valuable.

The most impactful part of the HD session was learning how to use it in my marketing. After this session, I incorporated the centres that Tijana highlighted for me as the ones that I would build connection with my audience and which centers I would be the best teacher of. The best outcome was improving my marketing and content strategy! I was able to get intentional with the topics I write about and use in my marketing. That gave me confidence and validation that I'm on the right path.

Sigute Zitikyte
Personal Branding Coach

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 12.42.55 AM.png

Tijana has an amazing ability to peel beyond the layers of who you are using Human Design tools. Her years of experience coaching and working in a multitude of environments are made evident in her sessions with you.


While working with her, I was able to give language to a specific mental block that was preventing me from visualizing myself in a successful manner. She not only helped with removing this block, she was also able to provide effective actionable steps that I still use today.


I highly encourage anyone looking to align their purpose with their work to engage with Tijana. You won't regret it.

Tayo Rockson
Author of Use Your Difference To Make A Difference and Global DEI Practitioner

Boris Pohulek.JPG

I've had 2 Human Design sessions before so I wanted to remind myself of my path and was drawn to Tijana's systematic approach mainly.

My key insights were the specific ways I should approach creating my content, working with my clients, so that I play to my strengths based on Human Design so that I can feel most fulfilled and energized and that my work resonates best with my audience and clients.

In the world of Human Design there is no one who has such a precise and professional methodology as Tijana and that it is a truly practical tool for managing your decisions in life and business, and is well worth the price.

Boris Pohulek
Communication Coach

Each assessment is highly personalized and tailored to your needs. You can choose the focus of your assessment from the following options:







I help professionals and entrepreneurs get clarity on their next venture and build their pathway to success, freedom and impact. Using Human Design in my work enables me to tailor my approach to each individual client and their unique energetic blueprint. I don't believe in "one size fits all" models and by creating a personalized approach my clients are able to achieve faster breakthroughs and a lasting change. 


When I discovered Human Design it was a big “aha” moment as I finally discovered a system that recognizes individual’s natural talents and strengths and allows us to translate our innate work style into a practical roadmap for achieving career success.

Through helping over 100 individuals implement their Human Design into their career and business pathway, I have realized this was the best kept secret for years. Until now…when I am bringing this knowledge to you!

About Me

tijanina slika_edited.jpg

You might be wondering...

1. How accurate is Human Design system? Everyone I worked with was in so much awe how accurately this system described them. It rests on the ancient and modern systems and wisdom, and has been gaining significant popularity in the recent years due to its ability to overcome the flaws of the traditional personality tests. What is really powerful about Human Design is that it points out to the things we forgot about ourselves or supressed because of the external conditioning. The system helps identify these unconscious mechanisms and gives the language to describe certain behaviours, innate talents and character traits in a very logical and transformative way. It is not a belief system but rather a system that requires experiment and applied action and in return gives groundbraking clarity. Through the applied wisdom and practical guidance it has proved its major role in the modern process of personal and professional development and transformation.

2. How is Human Design different from other personality tests? Because it is based on the date of birth it is not influenced by your current state and feelings, thus making it non self-biased as other personality tests. It is a blueprint of your potential (think of it like user manual at your birth) which also gives you a framework to assess your current limitations that are stopping you from creating success naturally available to you.

3. How is your Human Design service different from others on the market? In my work I focus on practical application of your Human Design, providing you not just analysis of your chart, but actionable steps how to apply this information in your work. In 10+ years of my corporate career as a CPA, I was able to learn how large systems operate and used financial statements as the language for company performance. I transferred this experience into working with small businesses and individuals and use Human Design as the language for individual's and team's performance. My service is not a foundational reading of Human Design chart, but comprehensive analysis of your potential with the strategic implementation in your career or business. I use it as a framewrok to better understand your potential and provide customized solutions.

4. Internet and social media are full of information on Human Design, why can't I figure this on my own? Because of the complexity of the system and different resources available, it will take you a lot of time to put the pieces together. You can find only the foundational information on the internet for free and for any deeper dive into this system you would have to invest a lot of time in research, study, programs, books. Another important reason is that someone else sees your potential and experience from an objective perspective. I use my gift to help you unlock yours: by quickly connecting the dots between different information from your Human Design map and your professional experience, I provide you an insight of your unique abilities, potential and unused opportunities in practical and easily digestible way.

5. How are you different from other Human Design analysts? I am a certified executive coach and I use Human Desing as a tool in my coaching and consulting practice. Using Human Design system as a framework in my work I am able to provide deeper understanding and transformation for my clients. My service is not a general Human Design "reading", but a holistic approach to your career or business. Apart from understanding how you are designed to thrive, you will get practical recommendations and ideas for your career or business that will eliminate years of taking wrong turns and investments that aren't aligned with you.

Ready to receive the most profound analysis of your career & business potential?

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