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You Were Born to BE


Are you ready to unlock your unique success key
and design a mission driven career?

“The most extraordinary people in the world today don't have a career. They have a mission.” 
Vishen Lakhiani


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Welcome to the future.


The time in which we are:

  • Thriving in careers based on individual’s potential, not surviving in jobs for a paycheck

  • Turning our gifts and expertise into mission-driven businesses or income streams

  • Bringing innovation through creativity while achieving professional autonomy 

  • Building personal brands, instead of hiding behind big company names

  • Valuing people by their holistic potential, instead of external titles

This is not the future of work we are expecting to come.

This is the new reality we are co-creating now.


And I am inviting you to join us!

Whether you are a:

  • Visionary founder making a change through your business

  • Intrapreneur bringing innovation within your organization

  • Innerpreneur turning your passion into purpose driven business

  • Aspiring entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Soulpreneur, Fempreneur or on a quest to discover your unique purpose and vision….

I invite you to unlock a new chapter in your career or business.

If you have . . .

A business idea that is not leaving you, but you are still not sure whether it’s the right one for you

Taken business and personal development courses, but feel you’re still spinning in the same circle

Tried following someone else’s proven method, but are not sure why it’s not giving your same results

Created a plan and your know what you should do next, but are not taking action and are unsure why

Worked with a coach or mentor but haven’t cracked your unique blueprint

Maybe even got your Human Design reading, but were left confused and not sure how to actually apply it in business

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I know how you feel and I am here to change that by showing you how to unlock your unique blueprint for career and business success.

In a world of sameness, originality is the most expensive currency.

About me


While still working in my corporate career I was hosting professional development workshops, studied psychology of visual branding, mentoring young professionals, and developing side business ideas through startup pitches. Years into personal development and putting pieces of my ideal career together, I still felt there was something missing to connect all the dots and have clarity of my true North Star.

For years I was on a quest to discover what is it that I should do, until I found Human Design and discovered who I was born to be. 

I finally found a system that gave me the language to translate my natural zone of genius into my business model. Since then, I have worked with over 100 professionals helping them design their ideal career & business using the power of Human Design, and they have all said: "I wish I knew this information sooner!"


This is why I created a unique 6 step process that helped my clients achieve faster breakthroughs and gain clarity on how to transform their corporate experience into a fulfilling and lucrative career or business.

And I'm sharing this process with you . . . 

I invite you to this free Masterclass in which you will discover:

  1. How to pick the right idea and know you’re always moving in the right direction towards your true North Star

  2. What to offer to maximize your income and minimize your energy expense and make sure you’re not leaving money (nor your talents) on the table

  3. Who is your ideal client and how to (re)define your niche while unlocking your biggest profit potential

  4. How to stand out in the crowded market and build a strong personal brand by unlocking your unique superpower

  5. Why having a unique message and unlocking your authentic communication style is key to attracting right opportunities (and not sounding like a vague version of someone else’s copy)

  6. How to make sure you’re navigating the challenges and staying on your unique path without paying tolls in time and expensive mistakes by taking the wrong turns

Something tells me you’re ready to ditch the “proven systems” and silence all the noise from outside so you can unlock your unique potential.

If you are ready to discover your purpose, turn it into a mission driven career and make impact while getting paid for who you were born to be, I’ll see you on:


November 1st



12pm ET/9am PT/
6pm CET


(link provided after registration)

Whichever time zone you’re in, whether it’s your lunch break, morning coffee or after work drink, block these 60 minutes to unlock a new chapter in your career or business.

This might be the 2nd best day in your life!

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"The 2 most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."


Mark Twain

Are you ready to discover your why and become

*PRENEUR you were born to be?

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