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Realign your business with your Human Design

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A deep dive into your business and strategic alignment of key areas you need to build a purpose led and prosperous business

It is perfect for you if you are not seeking long term coaching support, but prefer fast breakthrough and quick implementation of strategies aligned with your Human Design.

Wondering if this service is for you? If you:

  • Have started your business but are not seeing the results you want

  • Can't seem to define your ideal clients and what problem you solve for them

  • Don't know how to clearly present your personal brand and attract ideal clients

  • Feel you wasted time and money on various courses, but you still have no clarity about your business

  • You already tried strategies that bring success to others, but are not sure why they aren't working for you

  • Maybe you even tried to research about your Human Design, but still don't know how to practically apply it in your business

Stop searching for the answers for your business outside of yourself.

All the answers you need are WITHIN yourself.

In your Human Design map.

After Business Design,
you will have a clear understanding of your:

Unique Zone of Genius

You will discover how to best monetize your zone of genius while making an impact, enjoying what you do and earning your worth.

Selling & Messaging

You will choose the platform and sales method that suits you and learn how to communicate in the language of your clients. You'll connect with your clients even before the sale happens.

Niche & Ideal Clients

You will have a crystal clear picture of your niche and learn how to attract ideal clients who are ready and committed to work with you.

Brand Positioning

You will know what makes your unique personal brand and how to stand out in the crowded market so that your ideal clients can find you and choose to work with you.

Offer Suite

You will create your unique offer and clearly define the problem you solve, as well as the transformation and result you create for your ideal clients.

Prosperity Potential

You will discover what drives your potential to create money and unlock your financial prosperity through the most aligned business model.

What is included in this service?

Customized ANALYSIS of the 7 key areas of your business based on your Human Design. The analysis is prepared in a written detailed presentation so you can always come back to it in future for an easy reference.

An in-depth review of the key areas of your business including your niche, offer suite, messaging, brand positioning. Diagnosis and strategic advice on implementing updates aligned with your current business stage and Human Design.

2 hour Zoom session with the recording and a follow up 1 hour session within 30 days. Zoom recording included, since you will receive a lot of detailed information that you will want to revisit in the future.

Words From Clients

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I have worked with Tijana on more than one occasion and I can safely say her coaching is a unique combination of her knowledge, experience and skills in branding, business development and Human Design.She holds space, offers solutions and enables vulnerability in a way that leads to effective breakthroughs and permanent transformations. Namely, she used HD to help me find my authentic voice, she used branding to help me present this voice and my services to my niche and last but not least, her coaching helped me stay on track and do the necessary work.If you are yearning for this kind of magic, don't hesitate to work with Tijana. You will get a perspective shift, a business mindset, and a reminder of who you truly are, all in one. You will also get tools to pack all that in a compact brand which is a reflection of you, while also the best solution for your ideal clients.

Monika Fischer
Mindset Coach


Working with Tijana has helped me narrow my niche even more in order to make my message more potent and resonant to my ideal clients. As a Projector with 6/2 profile lines it makes a difference in both how much money I make and how much I enjoy the journey to getting there.


Her approach is unique since she offers coaching from HD perspective which makes it completely customizable to your business and your personal needs.

Jovana Miljanovic

IMG_0958 - Gosia Zawojek.jpg

I didn't expect the session will be that much packed with the information. I loved how it helped me get to know and understand myself better, but also encouraged me to take action where I've been previously struggling. And on top of that, it made me fired up and hopeful. And kind of excited and grateful... to go through all this journey to find my purpose and fulfillment.

I LOVED how precise and on point all the guidance that Tijana offers is. I especially valued "Selling and communication" part. I'm struggling to find my way on social media and the session showed me how I could approach my content. The best thing about is that it feels so natural and aligned with who I am.

Anyone having hesitations to book this service I'd say: Do it - I guarantee you'll be amazed how accurate and actionable the session is.

Gosia Zawojek
Blossom Digital Studio, Inc.

I help professionals and entrepreneurs get clarity on their next venture and build their pathway to success, freedom and impact. Using Human Design in my work enables me to tailor my approach to each individual client and their unique energetic blueprint. I don't believe in "one size fits all" models and by creating a personalized approach my clients are able to achieve faster breakthroughs and a lasting change. 


When I discovered Human Design it was a big “aha” moment as I finally discovered a system that recognizes individual’s natural talents and strengths and allows us to translate our innate work style into a practical roadmap for achieving career success.

Through helping over 100 individuals implement their Human Design into their career and business pathway, I have realized this was the best kept secret for years. Until now…when I am bringing this knowledge to you!

About Me

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You were born unique.
You deserve a tailor made business,
not a one size fits all model.

Are you ready to unlock your unique business code?

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