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Team Design Demo Session

Thank you for your interest in designing your unicorn team!

This demo session is highly personalized to your individual leadership design and in order to get the best experience, please read carefully following instructions.

How it works: After you fill out the questionnaire below, you will receive email within 24 hours to schedule a 1 hour demo session. 

What to expect: In this 1 hour session, you will get specific insights into your unique leadership role and style and how it impacts your team dynamics. We will go over the details how to assemble a highly compatible team and highlight any missing skills/competences needed for the team to perform at 100% capacity. During this session you will experience the features and capability of our software and learn how it works on one specific team as well as within entire organization.

Data we use: Our software is based on the Human Design, which is a unique personality system that combines eastern wisdom with modern sciences. It is known as a "system of differentiation" which removes biases of self assessment and changing data, by determining innate traits and future potential based on individual's birth data. Information shared below is confidential and not used for distributing with third parties.

Apply for a team design demo session

Team Lead Information

Thanks for submitting!We will be in touch with you within next 24 hours to schedule a demo session.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

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